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ESIC Dept has moved one step ahead to claim the benefit of maternity benefit paperless. online submission of the Maternity Claim has been deployed. The I.W. whose UAN number has been seeded in the system can claim for Maternity Benefit through Insured Person Portal. The User Manual for submission of online requests is attached
herewith for kind information


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Due to technical issue in ESIC portal all employer were facing issue for uploading the challan & payments the reason behind the said technical issue is of upgradation of the portal /mapping of UAN number with ESIC etc. In regards to the same Employees State Insurance Corporation, vide Circular No.-P-11/12/Misc./1/2019(M)-Rev.ll, relaxed the time limit for depositing the contributions for the month of August 2022 till the 22nd September 2022 instead of 15th September 2022. Please refer to the circular for more details

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Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on Alang Ship-Breaking Yard

The Labour, Skill Development and Employment Department, Gujarat on April 27, 2022, issued a draft notification on the revision of wages of workers working in ship Breaking Activities which is covered under entry 61 in Part-1 of the schedule to the Minimum wages Act, 1948.

• Skilled (Manager, Mukadam, Supervisor crane and Vij(electric)Operator – Rs. 430 + special allowance

• Semi-Skilled – Battiwala (Gas cutter) – Rs.417 + special allowance

• Un-skilled – (Malpani, Begari, Helper.) – Rs. 404 + special allowance

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Tallest Ganesh idol in Telangana immersed in Hussainsagar- The New Indian  Express

The Government hereby orders that 09.09.2022 (Friday) shall be General Holiday to the Government Offices/Schools/Colleges located in and around Twin Cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad, Ranga Reddy and Medchal – Malkajgiri Districts of Telangana State on account of Ganesh idols immersion procession.

Consequently, 12.11.2022 (Second Saturday) shall be observed as a working day for all the Government Offices/Schools/Colleges located in and around twin cities of Hyderabad Secunderabad, Ranga Reddy and Medchal – Malkajgiri Districts of Telangana State in lieu of General Holiday declared on 09.09.2022 (Friday)

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The Government of Karnataka on July 28, 2022, issued a notification to revise the minimum wages for the workers working in Security Agencies (including all establishments and establishments employing office staff and security personnel through the agency) and all the earlier notifications have been quashed.

The following conditions are to be enforced by the employer:-

•Varying Dearness Allowance.

• Equal rates of wages to all in cases where women, men, and transgenders have performed the same kind of work to be done.

• For the workers of the same nature for the categories of workers whose class is not mentioned in the notification.

• The 8-hour working wage of workers working on a piecemeal basis should not be less than one day’s wages of workers doing the same kind of work. A day’s work shall mean 8 hours of work, and if workers are employed for less than 8 hours, the wages will be calculated on the basis of the day or monthly wages of that class according to such a short period of time.

• Workers working on weekly offs or festival holidays fixed in the establishment shall be paid twice the normal wage, subject to the Minimum Wages Act and rules. 

• If a worker has worked for more than the stipulated period of the day, he shall be paid twice his salary. 

• 75 percent of the salary received by the employees of that class shall be paid as a scholarship to the trainees. 

• Payment of employees’ salaries by cheque or employees’ bank Should be credited directly to the account.

• A day’s work shall mean eight (8) hours of work. If workers are employed for less than 4 hours of work, the minimum wages will be paid in accordance with such a short period of time. Calculation on an hourly basis as per Rule 27(4) of Rules, 1958.

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Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) – Kerala - HR Informative

Kerala Shops & Commercial Establishment Workers Welfare Fund of workers including self-employed members of the Board Contribution from Rs.40/- to Rs.100/- Occupation and Skill (R) G.O(P)No.41/22 LBR No. dated 19/05/2022 of Departmental Secretary has been increased by order. In this case labor share 50/- and employer contribution of Rs.50/- to Rs.100/- 01.09.2022 Payable from this increase is effective from 01/09/2022

So now the new rates will be Rs 50 of Employee & Rs 50 of Employer

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Vide Judgment dated 08.12.2000 of Hon’ble Madras High Court in Case No” W.P.4604 to 4606 of 1999 and others Vasantha R versus Union of India and others), provision of Section 66(1)(b) of the Factories Act 1948 has been set aside. By virtue of which, now women can be employed in factories in the night shifts i.e. from 07:00 P.M. to 06:00 A.M.

Hon’ble Madras High Court in its judgment has also laid down certain conditions for employing women in night shift in respect of their security and safety so as to safeguard the interest of the women workers.

In view of the above judgement and further in supersession of this department notification number Shram A(4)-3/2017 dated 01.05.2017 the Governor of Himachal Pradesh is pleased to permit employment of women workers in factories situated in the State of Himachal Pradesh during night shifts i.e. from 07.00 P.M. to 06.00 A.M from the date of publication of notification in Official Gazette which shall remain valid for three years subject to following conditions:

  1. No woman worker shall be bound to work without her consent before 06:00 AM and after 07:00 PM.
  2. No woman employee shall be required or allowed to work for more than eight hours in any day not for more than 48 hours in any week
  3. No women shall be employed against the maternity benefit provisions laid down under the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
  4. Adequate transportation facilities along with guard shall be provided to women employee to pick up and drop at her residence.
  5. The occupier shall intimate the arrangement proposed by him to the concerned Inspector of region for verification affording him a minimum period of seven days for such verification.
  6. Employer shall ensure sufficient supervision during such working hours and journey thereof.
  7. Employer shall provide lighting not only inside the establishment, but also surroundings of the establishment and to all places where the female employees may move as per her necessity in the course of such shift.
  8. Employer shall provide appropriate medical facilities and also make available at any time of urgency by providing necessary telephone connections and where more than hundred female employees are employed in a shift, a separate vehicle shall be kept ready to meet the emergent situation such as hospitalization, whenever there is
    a case of injury or incidental acts of harassment etc Wherever the establishment provides boarding and lodging arrangements for the female employees, the same shall be kept exclusively for the women under the
    control of women wardens or supervisors. The female employees who work in night shifts and regular shifts shall have a monthly meeting through their representatives with principal employer once in eight weeks as grievance day and the employer shall comply all just and reasonable grievances.
  9. Employer shall send a fortnightly report to the Inspector about the details of employees engaged during night shifts, and shall also send express report whenever there is some untoward incident to the Inspector and local Police station as well.
  10. The toilets, washroom and drinking water facilities should be near to the workplace including passage towards conveniences or facilities concerning to these amenities. Further, entry and exit of women employees should be well-lit.
  11. The employer shall provide safe, secure and healthy working condition such that no women employee is disadvantaged in connection with her employment.
  12. The provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (14 of 2013), as applicable to the establishment, shall be complied with.

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The Government of Kerala, vide Notification G.O.(P) No.78/2022/LBR, amended the Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Rules, 1961

2E2E. Issue of duplicate Registration Certificate   (1) If a Registration Certificate under Section 5A is lost, stolen or destroyed, the employer shall forthwith report the matter to the competent authority by whom the Registration Certificate was issued or renewed as the case may be and the employer may make an application to that authority, for the issue of a duplicate Registration Certificate.   (2) The application shall be accompanied by a treasury receipt showing that the fee for the issue of a duplicate Registration Certificate as specified in Rule 2G has been paid.   (3) On receipt of the application, the competent authority shall grant to the applicant a duplicate copy of the Registration Certificate duly stamped ‘Duplicate’ in red ink.      Omitted
Sub-rule (3) of rule 2GThe fees to be paid for the grant of a duplicate Registration Certificate shall be five rupees.Omitted
Rule 12AEvery employer of an establishment where ten or more employees are employed shall forward to the Inspector a return in Form ‘H’ for the months of March, June, September, and December every year so as to reach him on or before the 10th of April, July, October and January respectivelyOmitted
Form H – Quarterly ReturnsQuarterly ReturnsOmitted