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POSH Law | Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act & Rule 2013


Supreme Court express displeasure on poor implementation of the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (POSH) Act 2013, even after a decade of its enactment. Court issues directions to ensure strict implementation of the provisions.

Supreme Court issued important Directions dt.12.05.2023 for strict implementation of the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (POSH) Act 2013.

1.Conduct POSH awareness workshop and regular upskill Internal Committee member.

2.Verify if entities including government bodies have lC Committee with proper constituents.

3.NALSA & SLSA’s to develop modules to conduct workshops and organize awareness programmes for sensitization.

4.Union of India, States and Union Territory to verify if government bodies have shared details of email ID’s and contact numbers of the IC members.

5.Verify if internal policies made readily available on the websites.

6.Similar excise to be conducted by Statutory bodies of professionals at Apex level and State level by Universities, Colleges, Training Centres and Educational institutes.

7.Union of India and all states, union territory to comply within 8 weeks

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Compliance Calendar 2023: Add the relevant due dates of GST, MCA & Income  Tax to your calendar -

Appended below is the Pan India Compliance calendar for May 2023, employer is under obligation to contribute towards some of the above-mentioned compliances for the welfare of the employees. Each of these compliances is again governed by a set of rules and formulas. It is proven to be a deliberate attempt to violate the provisions of the law, there could be imprisonment of the employer. Please, comply with the same in time to avoid any future non-compliance so that hefty penalties and fines are not charged by the respective dept.

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The Government of Haryana, vide Notification No. IR- 2/2023/9838-9968, released the variable dearness allowance towards Minimum Wages effective from 1st January 2023. It is Published yeasterday on 26th April 2023.

Please refer to the notification for more details

S.NO.Category Monthly WageDaily Wage
1UNSKILLED 10532.84405.11
2SEMI-SKILLED-A 11059.44425.36
 SEMI-SKILLED-B 11612.4446.63
3SKILLED-A 12193.03468.96
 SKILLED-B 12802.69492.41
4HIGHLY SKILLED 13442.82517.03
5Clerical & General Staff(i) Below Matriculation11059.44425.36
  (ii) Matriculation but not Graduate11612.4446.63
  (iii) Graduate or above12193.03468.96
  (iv) Steno Typist11612.4446.63
  (v) Junior Scale Stenographer12193.03468.96
  (vi) Senior Scale Stenographer12802.69492.41
  (vii) Personal Assistant13442.82517.03
  (viii) Private Secretary14114.97542.88
6Data Entry Operator 12193.03468.96
7DriverLight Vehicle12802.69492.41
  Heavy Vehicle13442.82517.03
8Security Guardwithout weapon11059.44425.36
  with weapon12802.69492.41

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The Government of Telangana hereby issues guidelines for granting exemption from section 7 (Opening and Closing hours) of the Telangana Shops And Establishments Act, 1988 to all Shops & Establishments as defined in section 2 (21) of the Telangana Shops & Establishments Act, 1988 for operating 24/7 in the Telangana State, subject to the following conditions namely:-

(i) Issue of ID cards,

(ii) Weekly off,

(iii) Weekly working hours,

(iv) Overtime wages,

(v) Compensatory holiday with wages in lieu of employees attending duty on a notified national /festival holiday,

(vi) Adequate safety of Women employees,

(vii) Consent of women employees to work in night shift,

(viii) To and fro transport from Women employees working in night shift,

(ix) The Management shall maintain the records and furnish returns as prescribed by the State Government within time,

(x) Subject to compliance with provisions under the Police Act & Rules in force, and

(xi) Subject to payment of an annual fee of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only) for each store to open 24×7 under the Telangana Shops And Establishments Act, 1988.

The relevant official notification is attached for your kind reference,

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Govt of Maharashtra notifies Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings, and Employments (Amendment) Bill, 2023 to notify changes in Profession Tax Rates w.e.f. 01.04.2023. One notable change is that bill exempts the professional tax payable by the women who draw the monthly salary or wages up to rupees twenty-five thousand w.e.f. 01.04.2023.

(1) This Act may be called the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings, and Employments (Amendment) Act, 2023. (2) It shall come into force on the 1st of April 2023. 2. Amendment of section 27A of Mah. XVI of 1975. In Section 27A of the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings, and Employments Act, 1975


(1) This Act may be called the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings, and Employments (Amendment) Act, 2023.

(2) It shall come into force on the 1st of April 2023

Revised Slab from 1st Apr 2023

(i) In the case of men, whose monthly salaries or wages,

a) Upto 7500 – NO Profession Tax

b) >7500 but less than 10,000 – 175/- Per Month

c) >10,000  – 200/- Per Month (In Feb Month-300)

(ii) in the case of women, whose monthly salaries or wages,–

a) Salary < 25,000: No Profession Tax

b) Salary > 25,000 : 200/- Per Month (In Feb Month-300)

Gazette Copy:-👇

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Odisha Minimum wages 1st Apr 2022 to 30th Sep-2022

The amended rates for all the categories are as below:-

S.NOCategoryMinimum Wages with VDA w.e.f 01.10.2022 (per day)VDA per day w.e.f 01.04.2023Minimum Wages with VDA w.e.f 01.04.2023 (per day)
1UnskilledRs. 333.00Rs.12.00Rs. 345.00
2Semi SkilledRs. 373.00Rs.12.00Rs.385.00
3SkilledRs. 423.00Rs.12.00Rs. 435.00
4Highly skilledRs. 483.00Rs.12.00Rs. 495.00

Revised Odisha minimum wages notification attached for your reference.

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Uttar Pradesh Minimum Wages 2019-20 Notification [W.E.F 1 Oct to 31 Mar  2020]

Latest Minimum Wages in Uttar Pradesh w.e.f. 01 April 2023 to 30th September 2023 will be as follows.

Class of EmploymentBasic Per MonthVDA Per MonthTotal Per DayTotal Per Month

Salary Calculation :

For the calculation of 1-day salary (Daily Rates), you have to divide the Total Per Month by 26.