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The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board has recently issued a significant update regarding the contributions to the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953. Effective from June 2024, all establishments falling under the purview of this Act will need to comply with the revised contribution rates. This article provides a comprehensive overview of these changes and what they mean for employers and employees.

Key Amendments and Increased Amounts

The revised contribution rates represent a notable increase aimed at bolstering the welfare initiatives for employees. Here are the details of the amended amounts compared to the previous rates:

Contribution Component

Previous Amount

Amended Amount

Employee’s Contribution

Rs. 12

Rs. 25

Employer’s Contribution

Rs. 36

Rs. 75

These rates are applicable to various establishments, including factories, shops, trade associations, hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, societies, and corporations. The revised rates aim to enhance the welfare benefits available to employees under this Act.

Additional ProvisionsEmployee’s Contribution Increase Cap:

A new provision has been introduced to cap the employee’s contribution increase at 30% of the existing rate. This cap ensures that the increase is sustainable and manageable for employees.

Mandatory Online Payments

One of the critical changes introduced is the mandatory requirement for all establishments to make their contributions online. From June 2024, employers must ensure that the contributions are paid through the online portal provided by the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board. This step is intended to streamline the payment process, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the management of welfare funds.

Impact on Employers and Employees

For Employers:

  • Employers need to update their payroll systems to reflect the new contribution rates.
  • It is crucial to educate and inform employees about the revised contributions to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Ensuring timely and accurate online payments will prevent any legal complications or penalties.

For Employees:

  • Employees will see a deduction of ₹25 for the welfare fund in their pay slips.
  • The increased contribution from employers is expected to enhance the benefits and welfare schemes available to employees.

Steps to Comply

Employers should take the following steps to comply with the new regulations:

  1. Review and Update Payroll Systems: Ensure that the payroll systems are updated to deduct ₹25 from employees and contribute ₹75 per employee from the employer’s side.
  2. Register on the Online Portal: If not already done, register on the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board’s online portal ( to facilitate smooth online payments.
  3. Inform Employees: Communicate the changes to all employees, explaining the new contribution rates and the benefits they will receive.
  4. Timely Payments: Adhere to the payment schedules to avoid any penalties or legal issues.


The revised contribution rates by the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board mark a significant step towards improving the welfare of employees across various sectors. By ensuring compliance with these new rates and the mandatory online payment system, employers can contribute positively to the welfare of their workforce while adhering to the legal requirements.

For more detailed information and updates, you can visit the official website of the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board at

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