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Introduction: In a move aimed at bolstering the status and visibility of the Kannada language, the Karnataka State Legislature recently passed the Kannada Language Comprehensive Development (Amendment) Act, 2024. This legislative amendment marks a significant step towards furthering the comprehensive development and promotion of the Kannada language within the state.

Amendments Overview: The key amendments introduced by the Act primarily focus on two sections of the existing Kannada Language Comprehensive Development Act, 2022.

  1. Section 7 Amendment: The Act adds a new clause (vii-a) which designates the Secretary of the Kannada Development Authority as the convener of the Committee. This Committee plays a crucial role in overseeing the implementation of measures aimed at the development and promotion of the Kannada language.
  2. Section 17 Amendment: This section mandates that various establishments, including commercial, industrial, and business undertakings, as well as hospitals and hotels, display a significant portion (60%) of their name boards in Kannada. Furthermore, it specifies that Kannada must be prominently displayed in the upper half of the name board.

Purpose and Significance: The amendments underscore the government’s commitment to preserving and promoting the Kannada language as an integral part of Karnataka’s cultural heritage. By requiring a substantial portion of name boards to be in Kannada, the legislation aims to enhance the visibility and usage of the language in public and commercial spaces. Moreover, appointing the Secretary of the Kannada Development Authority as the convener of the Committee reinforces the authority’s pivotal role in driving initiatives for Kannada language development.

Synopsis: The Kannada Language Comprehensive Development (Amendment) Act, 2024, represents a proactive approach by the Karnataka government towards safeguarding and promoting the Kannada language. Through targeted legislative amendments, the Act seeks to ensure that Kannada retains its prominence in various spheres of public life, thereby preserving the state’s linguistic and cultural identity. By mandating the prominent display of Kannada on name boards and empowering the Kannada Development Authority, the legislation reaffirms the state’s commitment to nurturing and advancing the rich linguistic heritage of Karnataka.

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