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The Government of Tamil Nadu vide a notification dated 30th March 2022 publishes the Amendments to the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Rules which deletes the Form P (a Register of Fines, deductions for Damages or Loss and Advances) and Q (register of wages) and inserts new Forms U, V, W and X to the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Rules, 1948. The amendment also makes way to the employers to maintain registers electronically. The changes brought by the amendment are as follows-

  1. Form P and Form R is removed as Rule 11(4) and 11(5) shall be omitted. Prior to the amendment, Rule 11(4) provided that every employer shall maintain a Register of Fines, deductions for Damages or Loss and Advances in Form P; and Rule 11(5) provided that -every employer shall maintain a register of wages in Form R in his establishment.
  2. Rule 16(1) is substituted and provides that-every employer shall maintain.-
    1. Register of persons employed in Form-U;
    2. Register of Employment in Form-V;
    3. Register of Wages in Form-W; and
    4. Register of Leave and Social Security Benefits in Form-X.
  3. New Rule 16(1)(b) is inserted which provides that- the registers shall be maintained either electronically or manually. If the registers are maintained in electronic form, the layout and presentation of the registers may be adjusted without changing the integrity, serial number and contents of the columns of the registers.
  4. New Form U (Employee Register) is inserted.
  5. New Form V (Register of Employment) is inserted.
  6. New Form W (Register of Wages) is inserted.
  7. New Form X (Register of leave and social security benefits) is inserted.

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