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The Government of Haryana, vide Notification No. IR- 2/2023/9838-9968, released the variable dearness allowance towards Minimum Wages effective from 1st January 2023. It is Published yeasterday on 26th April 2023.

Please refer to the notification for more details

S.NO.Category Monthly WageDaily Wage
1UNSKILLED 10532.84405.11
2SEMI-SKILLED-A 11059.44425.36
 SEMI-SKILLED-B 11612.4446.63
3SKILLED-A 12193.03468.96
 SKILLED-B 12802.69492.41
4HIGHLY SKILLED 13442.82517.03
5Clerical & General Staff(i) Below Matriculation11059.44425.36
  (ii) Matriculation but not Graduate11612.4446.63
  (iii) Graduate or above12193.03468.96
  (iv) Steno Typist11612.4446.63
  (v) Junior Scale Stenographer12193.03468.96
  (vi) Senior Scale Stenographer12802.69492.41
  (vii) Personal Assistant13442.82517.03
  (viii) Private Secretary14114.97542.88
6Data Entry Operator 12193.03468.96
7DriverLight Vehicle12802.69492.41
  Heavy Vehicle13442.82517.03
8Security Guardwithout weapon11059.44425.36
  with weapon12802.69492.41

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