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  1. After the enhancement in duration of maternity benefit to 26 weeks from 12 earlier, in some cases insured women were not eligible to avail sickness benefit in the corresponding benefit period after availing maternity benefit. This is because the mandatory contributory conditions of minimum 78 days were not met being the insured women under receipt of maternity benefit and leave.
  2. In order to make such insured woman entitled to sickness benefit also, this amendment is made and inserts a new proviso to Rule 55(1).

ESIC Central Rule 55 amended. As per this amendment an Insured Woman who availed Maternity Benefit need not pay 70 days contribution to become entitled to Sickness Benefit in the following Benefit Period. She need contribute only for the half number of remaining days in the relevant Contribution Period. Before this amendment many Insured Women who availed Maternity Benefit were deprived of Sickness Benefit for want of 70 days contribution. To get over this injustice the Rule has been amended that also with effect from 20.1.2017.

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