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  • Good move by the Delhi govt in regards to interstate migrant workers . Now all principal employers employing (or have employed during last 12 months) the workers through outsourcing are required to mandatorily register with Labour Department through e-district portal of Govt of NCT of Delhi on therespective link .
  • Every interstate migrant workmen shall be issued passbook by the contractor containing details of employment and shall be provided other benefits as provided in the Act.
  • All Principal employers are requested to advise your members who are employing (or have employed during last 12 months) the interstate migrant workers through outsourcing as Principal Employers or providing the interstate migrant workers as contractors to fulfil their statutory obligations set out in the Act. Noncompliance of the statutory obligations will attract appropriate legal action as mentioned in the Act.
  • In my view every state has to follow this model in the interest of the workers and follow the act.

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