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  • Each ESIC hospital is to functionalize as per requisite SoPs, a minimum of 20% of its bed capacity as dedicated Covid beds for ESI I Ps, beneficiaries, staff & Pensioners which may swiftly be enhanced as per prevailing local needs.
  • Continuation of provision for availing medical services by ESI beneficiaries attached to dedicated Covid ESI hospitals through impaneled private Hospitals as communicated earlier vide letter no. N48/15/3/2017 Med-1 dated 08.04.2020(copy enclosed).
  • In order to continue relief to IPs, beneficiaries, pensioners, and staff, etc., instructions on purchase of prescribed medicine directly as detailed in this office letter no. V-14/11/5/2012/Med I/Policy dated 03.04.2020(copy enclosed) has been reinstated with immediate effect till 31st July 2021.

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