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 Highlights of Karnataka Lockdown & Handbook on Covid-19

1. Karnataka Janata lockdown for the next 14days.
2. Lockdown for the whole state,
6AM to 10AM only it would be open.
3. Government hospitals vaccinations for age group 18-45..
4. Manufacturing sector except for garments, construction would continue, medical essential services would continue.
5. No oxygen short supply.
6. Remedesvir would be available…
7. Garments not allowed to open.
8. Goods transport available, no public transport. No Metro / BMTC / KSRTC, No movement allowed
As per the notification released today, all industries are allowed to operate except garment industries and all we need to ensure is all the peoples working should carry ID cards issued by the organization. Refer to the below points of notification
Point No. 9(d) page no.5
Point No.10(c) page no.5
Point No.11(a) page no.6
Annexure-II page no.8

Handbook:- Covid Handbook

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