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 The Government of Madhya Pradesh has issued the Draft (Madhya) Social Security Code Rules, 2006 in the suppression of the following Rules: 

• Madhya Pradesh Employees Insurance Court Rules, 1963. 

• Madhya Pradesh Employees State Insurance (Medical Benefits Services System) Rules, 1959. 

• Madhya Pradesh Supplies to the Hospitals established under the scheme of employees, estate insurance rules, 1981. 

• Madhya Pradesh workmen’s compensation rules, 1962. 

• Madhya Pradesh workmen’s compensation (Occupational diseases) rules, 1963. 

• Madhya Pradesh maternity benefit rules, 1965. 

• Payment of Gratuity (Madhya Pradesh) Rules, 1973

• Madhya Pradesh Building and other construction workers (regulation of employment and conditions of service) rule, 2002. 

The following are the objectives: 

• The Draft Rules provide for the registration of establishments required to pay provident funds, employees’ insurance benefits to workers, payment of various benefits such as insurance, gratuity, and maternity benefits.

• The Draft Rules also provide for Aadhaar-based registration of construction workers, unorganized workers, and gig and platform workers.  Migrant construction workers will be entitled to benefits in the state where they are working.

•• The Draft Rules provide that there shall be a crèche facility in every establishment with 50 or more women employees.  Further, it provides detailed procedures for the application and payment of gratuity. 

All persons likely to be affected thereby and the notice is hereby given that the said draft rules will be taken into consideration after the expiry of a period of 45 days. Objections and suggestions if any may be addressed to the labor commissioner of Madhya Pradesh at and 

Notification:- Madhya Pradesh Social Security Code Rules 2020

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