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The Election Commission Of India has notified 3rd November 2020 as the date on which bye-election to the Rajarajeshwari Nagar (RR Nagar) and Sira Constituencies in the State Of Karnataka is scheduled to be held. Now, the Government of Karnataka, Labour Department vide. its circular dated 9th October 2020 has directed employers of Shops, commercial establishments, Factories, and other Establishments to declare for every employee working therein whose name is included in the electoral roll of the two assembly constituencies where the bye-election is to be held on 3rd November 2020, to be allowed on the polling day, a day’s paid holiday to enable them to exercise their franchise. 

This circular has been issued under Section 3A of the Karnataka Industrial Establishments National Festival Holidays Act, 1963 inter alia covers shops, commercial establishments, factories, etc. 

The circular further states that employers found in violation of the above said provision, shall be penalized under the Act. Further, vide. Circular dated 16th October 2020, the Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety And Health Department has also issued similar directions declaring paid holiday for workers of factories in the State who are enrolled as the voters in the above said constituency. 

Therefore, Employers of Shops, Commercial Establishments, Factories and other establishments in Karnataka are highly advised to comply with these directions issued by the Labour Commissioner and to declare paid holiday to their employees who are registered voters in the said bye-election to the two assembly constituencies in the state



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