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(1)  This Ordinance may be called the   Industrial   Disputes   and  

 Certain   other laws   (Karnataka   Amendment) The ordinance, 2020.

(2)It shall come into force at once.


2.  Amendment   of  the  Industrial   Disputes   Act,  1947.-   In   the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 (CentralAct No.14 of 1947), in section 25K,-


(i)      in sub-section  (1), for the words  one  hundred,  the words  three hundred”, shall be substituted; and

(ii)     in sub-section (1A), for the words “one hundred, the words three hundred”, shall be substituted.

3.  Amendment of the Factories Act, 1948.- In the Factories Act, 

1948 (Central Act No.63 of 1948),-

(1)     in section 2, in clause (m),-

                                (i) in item (i) for the words ten or more, the words twenty or 

                    more”, shall be substituted; and

(ii) in item (ii), for the words twenty or more,the words forty or more”, shall be substituted.

(2)     in section 65, in sub section (3) in clause (iv) for the words “seventy-five the words one hundred and twenty-five shall be substituted.


4.  Amendment  of the Contract  Labour (Regulation  andAbolition) Act,                 1970.- 

In the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 (Central Act No.47       of 1970),  in section  1, in sub-section  (4) in item (a) for the words twenty or            more”, the words fifty or more, shall be substituted.

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