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Government of Puducherry vide notification no G.O.Ms. No.64/AIL/Lab/G/2020 has amended The Puducherry Contract Labour (Regulation And Abolition) Rules, 1973. As per the amendment, mentioned are the details of the changes 
(a) The application for registration under Puducherry Contract Labour (Regulation And Abolition) Rules shall be made through the online portal of Labour Department, Puducherry
(b) The certificate of registration shall be granted through the on-line portal of Government of Puducherry 
(c) The fees shall be paid by visiting the online portal Government of Puducherry under the relevant head of accounts viz 0230-labour & Employment 106-Fees 
(d) Every the employer shall maintain a register of contractors, register of persons employed electronically 
(e) The half-yearly return and annual return shall be submitted through the online portal of the Labour department. 
(f) The amendment also requires that books, register, records shall be maintained electronically at the discretion of Employer subject to the condition that the Employer shall furnish all such books, register, records in the electronic form to Inspector on demand. 
Please refer notification for more details 

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