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The State Government of Uttarakhand on December 20, 2019, has published the Uttarakhand Factories (Amendment) Rules, 2019, to further amend the Uttar Pradesh Factories Rules, 1950 (As applicable to the State of Uttarakhand).
The amendments in the Uttar Pradesh Factories Rules, 1950 (As applicable to the State of Uttarakhand) are as under:
➤  Under Rule 7 which specifies the procedure for registration and grant of a license, sub-rule (1) has been substituted:
Under sub-rule (1) fee for grant of license has been substituted and further, increased the license renewal fee to be taken from factories by 10 percent every 5 years. The next increase will be effective from January 01, 2025.
➤  Rule 41 has been substituted with Latrine accommodation instead of Sanitary accommodation:
Substituted Rule specifies that latrine accommodation shall be provided in every factory on a certain scale, namely:
(a)    A number of workers up to 100: 1 toilet for men and women, separately on every 25 workers. But a minimum of 01 male and female toilets shall be mandatory in every factory.
(b)    More than 100 workers: Additional provision shall be for one man and women toilet on for next every 50 workers.
(c)     Sanitary Napkins conforming Indian Standards shall be provided and maintain in the women’s toilets as per Indian Standards.
(d)    Disposable bins with lids shall be provided within the women’s toilets.

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