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Dear all,

As per my yesterdays blog  maharashtra-minimum-wages-increase Final Notification where in we had uploaded the final notification of the revised basic of Shop & establishment in this regards i have been receiving  calls & emails in regards to what is the final Minimum Wages to be taken in to consideration.

In regards to the above queries i would like to draw your attention that whenever the minimum wages are revised a new Basic wages is declared & in regard to same it was finalised after 9 years now a new Special allowance will be declared on 5th Aug 2019 effective 1st July 2019

Based on the above the New Minimum Wages will be  ( New Basic+New Special allowance + HRA( 5 % Minimum as per Maharashtra Minimum Hra Act if Employee count is more then equal to 50) 

I would advise that once the new special allowance will be declared on 5th of  Aug 2019 after that only make all the changes in the salary structure etc & give the difference of the same as arrears in Aug 2019 salary.

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