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Mumbai: Labor Welfare Minister Dr Kishore has decided to increase the minimum wage of workers working in shops and establishments in the state Taken by Sanjay Koote. This increase is about to double. The increase was pending for the last nine years. About one crore workers will benefit from over one million shops and establishments in the state.
The minimum wage of employment is rescheduled every five years under Section 03 of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, with the advice of the Maharashtra Minimum Wage Advisory Board. However, for the last nine years, minimum wages have not been rescheduled for technical reasons. Minister of LaborKutte’s pursuit has made it possible for the working class to get minimum wage. 
It includes all the municipal boundaries of the state of Maharashtra and 20 km from the municipal area. Industrial area and camp area upto 5,800 to 11,632, 5,400 to 10,856, semi-skilled workers to 10,856, 5,500 to 10,021 to unskilled workers and 11,036 to 5,0100 and 4,960 to 6,450 and 10,260 to skilled workers in municipal corporation. Excluding the corporation, the remaining area of ​​Maharashtra state has 5,200 to 10,440 skilled workers and 4,800 to semi-skilled workers. Up to 9,664, unskilled workers have been increased from 4,400 to 8,828. The notification in this regard has been implemented from July 24, 2019.
Awaiting for Notification without Notification pls dont Make any changes in the Salary Structure once we get the respective circular  then  only make the changes

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