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  •  Earlier, an EPF account was considered inoperative if it was dormant for 36 
  • From November 11, even these accounts will continue to accrue interest.
Pls refer to the circular as it was issued in November 2011 Pls see  (Old Circular) where in an EPF account was considered inoperative if it was dormant for 36 months or more. Since April 1, 2011, inoperative accounts did not attract any interest. Thus, if an employee resigned and did not take up another job, or failed to transfer his account to the new employment, the funds in an idle EPF account did not earn him any interest.The notification has amended this scenario. 
The provisions of the EPF scheme are now amended to provide that an EPF account will be considered inoperative only when the employee retires from service at 55 years or migrates abroad permanently , and in both cases does not make an application for withdrawal of the accumulated balance in his EPF account within 36 months. An account will also become inoperative on the death of the account holder. 
The amendments will benefit employees who leave mainstream employment and take up self-employment to fulfil their entrepreneurial goals or take up employment with small employers not covered under EPF scheme.Such employees can now leave their EPF fund balance with the authorities and continue to receive interest. This change will create a new investment option for such employees  

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