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Dear all,

Pls refer to the attach circular dated 1st Aug 2016 from the Central PF Office where in all the field officer have been instructed to do the inspection of the respective establishment engaged in Security/Manpower/Facility Management. This is in regards to various complaints & grievance received regarding under reporting of employees contribution under the said act in respect of such establishment.

Pls refer to the respective screen shot where in EPFO had asked all the employer to upload the said information of Security/Manpower/Facility Management

As many employers have not completed the required process and due to lot of grievance has been received  in regards no coverage of employees under EPF 

A Special Inspection Proforma has been designed for the same 

I would request all the Principal employer to upload the said details of the contractor (Security/Manpower/Facility Management) to avoid such inspection

Further also check with monthly EPF Challan where in all employees have been covered under the EPF act ,pls collect the ECR Copies/UAN Number/EPF Nos/activation of UAN etc whether all this activities have been full filled by the contractor.


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