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With reference to the above captioned subject and refer to my earlier blog in regards to Implementation of Aadhaar based authentication  for ESIC Benefits where in various circular were issued vide dated 15/01/2016,16/03/2016,22/03/2016 & 12/04/2016 where in i would like to draw your attention that once the Aadhaar number is updated in the insured person card the temporary card will be E-pechan card but the Aadhaar number will show as unverified.
In this regard the E-pechan card is valid for 30 days either Aadhaar cards is verified or unverified he can avail benefits in all ESIC dispensary/Hospitals/& branch offices. 

Aadhaar is an alternate pechan for identification of IP and his family the respective verification of Aadhaar card will be do by the ESIC dept through UIDAI

Special Instruction have been given to all ESIC panel doctors/Dispensary/hospitals & branch office that there should be no denial of benefits in regards to the above.
Circular for your reference :-ESIC Circular on AAdhaar-Special Instruction

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