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Key amendments in the notification
Under the EPS, a new provision under sub-paragraph (7B) of paragraph 12 has been inserted enabling the following benefits:

a) Contributions allowed after the age of 58 years but not beyond 60 years

 A member may opt to continue contributions under EPS till the age of 60 years if the employment is continued. Earlier the contribution was stopped at the age of 58 years.

b) Option to defer the age of drawing pension
An eligible member may also opt to defer the date of drawing the pension benefit beyond 58 years but not beyond 60 years of age. In such case, the amount of pension will be increased at the rate of 4 per cent for every completed year after the age of 58 years but not beyond 60 years of age.

c) Entitlement of pension in the event of death of a member

In the event of the death of a member, who opted for deferring the age of drawing the pension, the family of the member would be entitled to pension from the date following the date of death of the member as if the member monthly pension had started on the date of death of the member..

New changes in the EPS can help members draw higher pensions by way of deferment of pension and/or by contributing to the EPS till the age of 60 years. This move by the government can help improve the pension adequacy for EPS members. This is a voluntary provision that can be availed by EPS members at their own option. Further guidelines are expected from Employees’ Provident
Fund Organisation to implement the new changes in EPS.

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