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In the G.O 1ST read above , the Industries and Commerce (P&I) Department
have issued orders on Andhra Pradesh retail trade policy 2015-20, focusing
simplification of labour laws & processes, skill development support and single desk clearances, so as to stimulate growth in the Retail Sector for a period of 5 years from the date of notification.

Synopsis of the Said Exemption :-

  • Working hours of the employees shall be a maximum of 8 hours per day and not more than 48 hours in a week. Manpower deployment details shall be added to the application for registration by the employer, which is now online under the Integrated Registration Act, 2015

  • Record of overtime shall be maintained in wages register separately in respect of the employees who worked beyond normal working hours and wages for overtime shall be paid to all eligible employees at twice the ordinary rate of wages.

  • The employees working on a national, festival or other holiday shall be given a compensatory holiday with wages at twice the ordinary rate of wages for work on a holiday. Compensatory holiday to such employees shall be given within thirty days from the date of holiday.

  • Employment of women shall be permitted in all shifts, subject to the enterprises ensuring safe and secure working environment and secure conveyance from workplace to place of residence. The employer shall be solely responsible for ensuring the above till women employees reach respective place of residence.
  • Retail enterprises are allowed to offer part-time employment subject to the working hours for part time employees being expressly specified. Minimum per hour wage rate shall be proportionately determined in accordance with minimum monthly wage rate specified under Minimum Wages Act. Retail unit cannot engage more than 25% of its employees as part time employees. This would be subject to the enterprises strictly adhering to laws regarding child labour and other similar applicable laws.
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