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4 Apr 2016 — No news on permanent roll back of withdrawal rules after the CBT meeting held on Mar 29, 2016 during which one of the trustees questioned the merits of the new rules.

Unfortunately, it looks the recent temporary hold is to make necessary changes in the EPFO systems for implementing these rules and is not the outcome of discussions during the CBT meeting. Read more at

The garment industry workers in Tamil nadu are on strike demanding withdrawal of these rules. While this is a good starting point, we need to create more pressure on EPFO and Govt. to roll back these rules permanently at the earliest.

Honestly, so far, we could not create any pressure on EPFO through this petition. So friends, let us use all possible means to spread this to media and opposition parties to bring pressure on EPFO and Govt. to roll back the withdrawal rules.

Till then, share the petition and say #NoEPFWithdrawalLimits

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