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Dear all,

Now Employers having multiple branches & having multiple sub codes can file the monthly contribution in One template from this Month i.e. from Mar-2016 (if they have already filed & generated the challan then they can file from Next Month)  
The creation of this facility is the result of almost 3 years of persistent follow up and efforts of Mr. Surendra Kumar Suri who retired from the Corporation as Assistant Director and is very active in assisting the stakeholders in the Corporation with his suggestions and advice, his efforts in this matter were strengthened when the Retail Association of India understood the benefit of his idea and joined hands with him to make representation to the Corporation.

This Facility is available in the Main code login in the Monthly contribution menu on the very down side pls select “
File Monthly Consolidate Contribution”

After selecting the same the respective screen shot will be available as shown below please select the respective month for which is to be filed 

After selecting the Month all the respective sub code as applied will be appearing here and we can select multiple Sub code and can generate the challan.

This is a very good move by the ESIC dept.

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  2. Akash Maurya

    but sir, by mistake i inserted all subcode's employee in main code & and also filed in main code for last month. now i am trying to consolidated filing but there are showing duplicacy of all employees how can i resolve this issue?

  3. Saurabh Khanna

    Dear Sir

    Please call me help of CONSOLIDATED MONTHLY CONRTRIBUTION upload file.


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