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As per ESI 2.0 reforms, the ESIC has to cover entire Districts by 2016 where it is currently functional. Further expansion will be happening due to increase in coverage by reducing threshold below 10 and also by covering construction and other unorganized sector workers. Due to this, manifold increase in the total number of IPs is expected. Based on the earlier decision of ESIC,a Sub Committee was constituted to suggest on expansion of medical facilities based on geographical necessity. It has recommended setting up of one doctor dispensary in such uncovered areas which are to be covered
In view of the above, ESI Corporation in its 167th meeting held on 18th December, 2015 has approved that in such, to be implemented new areas, if no other appropriate facility is there, ESIC should open one doctor dispensary with the following features:
A. Staff:
Doctor – 1
Nurse/ ANM- 1
Pharmacist – 1
B. Area: 200 sq. mtr. (approx)
In view of the urgency of requirement, porta cabins can be used.
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