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Dear All,

I am attaching here with Karnataka Minimum wages revision 2013-2014 here i am attaching some of the Major industies Minimum wages revision 2013-2014

Shop &  Establishmment :- Shops and commercial establishment.

Security Agency :- Security agency

Hotel Industry:- Hotel Industry Minimum wages

Film Industry:- Film industries Minimum wages

Engineering Industry:- Engineering industry Minimum wages

Further If any other Industry requirement pls Let us Know we will Provide the Same

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  1. Babu

    Dear Mr.Prakash

    Can you please help me by giving Tailoring Industry Minimum Wage Notification for 2013-14 of Karnataka

    Babu Reddy

  2. Prakash Consultancy Services

    Dear Babu

    Per Day Wages remains the same as per Last Year Current VDA as follow

    Category ZoneI ZoneII ZoneIII ZoneIV
    Highly Skilled 86.72 86.72 86.72 86.72
    Skilled 86.72 86.72 86.72 86.72
    Semi Skilled 86.72 86.72 86.72 86.72
    Unskilled 86.72 86.72 86.72 86.72
    Office Staff/Clerk/Office Boy /Cashier/Steno/Typist 86.72 86.72 86.72 86.72

    The Daily Rates Of wages & VDA of different categories of employee are computed by dividing the total monthly wages by 26

  3. Unknown

    Dear Prakash..

    Thanks for your information,could you please tell me under which category the power plants comes and what are the minimum wages for the workers in power plants in karnataka..

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Niyaz

    Any one plz help us, we are working in the Municipal Council of karnataka as daily wages Employees, our employee is taking all the responsible work which were carried out by the permanent employees, for the same our employee is not giving us the work order or official work order for us.

  5. Unknown

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for updating the information. Kindly provide me the Notification No. KAE 74 LMW 2010 dated 23-01-2012
    Published in Gazette of Karnataka dated 24-01-2012.(Spinning Industry Notification – English Version)


  6. Unknown

    We ve a staff welfare society in an hospital providing different services like staff canteen, bakery, daycare for staff children should i follow the respective industries min. wages req, of a consolidated one

  7. Jayaram

    Hi, What is the Minimum wages for Food Processing, Packing Of Food Products (Including Coffee, Tea & Spices) in Karnataka

  8. Unknown

    Hi, Whether car service centers comes under shops & Commercial establishment act.. Pls clarify.. need min wages for 2013-14 for this industry.

    Dhanasekaran 9742166697

  9. Anonymous

    Hi, my name is Rajeshwari… i want minimum wages for industries in Karnataka comes under the Head Pulp Papers, Paper, Card Board, Straw Board including news print vide notification no.DES 01 PWX 2013.

  10. Unknown


    Can you please let me know what is the minimum wages for manufacturing and printing industry and also the eligible leave like CL, SL & PL after confirmation.

  11. srikanth2874

    Dear Mr. Thanks for the information uploaded , Will be very greatful if u can kindly forward me the individual minimum wages list for the following .
    House keeping staff, Gun man, Electrician, Plumber, GArdners, ( all under KAr State Govt Minimum wages ), If you can mail it accross to my e mail id as an attachment i will be more greatful. ( )

    Thanking you


  12. Unknown

    Hello Prakash,
    You are doing a wonderful job through this blog. I have one small quarry on PF calculation, should we need calculate PF on Basic + VDA or only Basic wages like Haryana state.

    Further, can you please let me know Peenya Industrial Area falls under Zone-1 or Zone -11.

    I am new to Karnataka state.
    Thanks & regards, Rakesh,

  13. Unknown

    Dear Prakash, wonderful site! Can u help as to which category we need to look for minimum wages of housekeeping staff?

  14. Bhanuroy

    Can any one help me, that what is the meaning of wages as per EPFO. Is it calculated 12% on Basic + DA or Gross salary (Incl. Allowances)


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