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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Interim Order in Bonus Amendment(2015) Matter Karnataka State

Dear All,

Pls refer to the Vide Circular No. 15/2016 dated 2.2.2016  the Karnataka Employers’ Association and another Establishment have filed the Writ Petition before Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka in WP No.5272 & 5311/2016 challenging the portion of the Payment of Bonus (Amendment) Act 2015).

In my view as two  State High Court Order have been passed in regards to effective date should be from 1st Apr 2015 instead of 1st Apr 2014 ,we should Keep on hold the calculation & disbursement of the same. 
If  anyone has come across in regard to the said matter or update pls share the same.

Pls refer to the necessary order as attached 
interim-Order-in-Bonus (2015) Ammendment -Matter Karnataka High Court

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