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The scheme ABRY under EPFO which was launched in Nov-20, the Notification or Guidelines of the same has been issued by the PF Department. We enclose the Notification in pdf format having guidelines in detail with illustrations. PFA

Main points under the same are as follows:

1) The Scheme begins from 1st October 2020 and shall remain in force for  registration of eligible employers and new employees up to 30th June 2021

2) New employee to be eligible under the scheme –

    a) His salary to be less than Rs. 15,000/-

   b) He should not have been working in any establishment and he should 
      not have a UAN prior to 01st October 2020

   c) If he already has an existing UAN, but if he quit from the previous establishment during the period from 01.03.20 to 30.09.20, then such date of exit shall be considered as a left job due to Covid-19. Hence, such an 
     the employee is eligible for the benefit.

   d) His UAN should be seeded with Aadhaar.

   e) The benefit shall be for the period of 24 months or till his salary is less than        15,000 whichever is earlier

3) Company’s Form 5A in PF Portal should be updated

4) Minimum 2 new employees should be joining (and be eligible) in a firm having less than 50 employees. And a minimum of 5 new employees should be eligible in a firm having more than 50 employees. If less, then the company would not get the benefit

5) Base reference of employees’ strength shall be taken as reflecting during the month of September. The employee strength should not fall below this level.

6) In case if an employee becomes eligible under the Scheme and the company opts for the same, the employer should not deduct the employee’s share of 12%

7) For companies having less than 1,000 employees, both employees’ share and employer share to be borne by Govt. For more than 1000 employees, only employees share of 12% shall be provided. All the benefits are subject to conditions as prescribed in the guidelines.

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