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Good News
PF has  comeout with Notification , accordingly,  special survey drive will be initiated from 1st Jan 2017 by department for coverage of the Establishment.
The Establishment which is legally liable for coverage will be covered under the Act.
Benefits are as below;
1. Only Employer Share will be levied. 
2. Interest as applicable on Employer’s Share.
3. Damages @ Rs.1/- Per Annum. 
4. No Employees Share. 

The above will be with a condition that, the Establishment is not legally liable before 01.04.2009.

Necessary Notification is as under 

Employees’ Provident Funds (Seventh Amendment) Scheme, 2016

Damages @ Rs.1/- Per Annum. :– Damages=for New Coverage from 1st Apr 2009

Edli No Dues to be Paid:- EDli No Contribution for New Covereage from 1st Apr 2009

EPF Scheme amendment :- EPF Schmene ammedment for New Coverage frm 1st Apr 2009

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