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EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) Linked With Aadhaar Card
Trying to open an Employees’ Provident Fund Account? Ensure an aadhaar number first. The employees provident fund organization (EPFO) has mandated to provide aadhaar card numbers in order to register for an EPF account. Employees joining from March 2013 into the organised sector, looking forward to open an EPF account will call for an aadhaar card at hand.
Entry of new members under the EPF scheme will go on at the same pace, but plenty of the aspiring members might not have their aadhaar numbers. Aadhaar is basically  the unique identification number issued to the individuals for the purpose of establishing a sole identity of each. Those who have been lucky to get themselves enrolled have been awaiting their cards for quite a long. Whereas, the other workers or employees who may hail from, distant and remote areas where the idea of aadhaar has not even reached have been disadvantaged of the enrolment too. Thus leaving a large number of people deprived of their aadhaar numbers.
 Linking EPF with aadhaar card is a way of the government to push more and more people into enrolment for the UID (UNIQUE IDENTITY) cards. And the EPFO suggests the employers to contact UIDAI (UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION AUTHORITY OF INDIA) in order to lay down camps or centres nearby workplaces /industries/offices so that employees at work can easily start off with the process and avail of it at the earliest
 However, for those who do not have the cards can get an Enrolment ID (EID) as per the EPFO plan which can be later transformed into their aadhaar numbers
By June 30th,2013 the 50 million existing members must present their aadhaar numbers to the EPFO as aadhaar is now an essential Know Your Customer (KYC) credential. Besides, it will be of great help to the EPFO members and to those seeking benefits under the scheme will also be facilitated by providing your aadhaar number. All subscribers of EPFO, old or new must hurry, enroll and fetch their aadhaar card numbers.


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  1. Prakash Consultancy Services

    Dear Anzaan,

    You are Very true Pls look to the Future Prospects where in EPF Office is going to Make it compulsory and already database for the same has creadted & field officer has been instructed to collect the data

  2. Unknown

    Dear sir,

    Pls send shops & establishmentminimum wages as on 1st march 2013

    West Bengal
    Arunachal Pradesh



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