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Friday, November 02, 2018

The Odisha Minimum Wages Notification (Oct 2018)

Odhisha Minimum Wages have been hike from 1st Oct 2018

1. The minimum rates of wages are all inclusive rates including the basic rates, the cost of living allowances and the cash value of the concessional supply if any of essential commodities.
2. The daily minimum rates of wages shall be inclusive of wages payable for the
weekly day of rest.

3. The minimum rates of wages are applicable to employees employed by contractors also.

4. The minimum rates of wages for disabled persons shall be same as payable to the workers of the appropriate category.

5. There shall not be any discrimination between male and female workers in the matters of payment of minimum wages in any category of employment.

6. (a) “Unskilled” work means work which involves simple operation requiring little or no skill or experience on the job.

(b) “Semi-skilled” work means work which involves some degree of skill or
competence acquired through experience on the job and which is capable of
being performed under the supervision or guidance of a skilled employee
and includes un-skilled supervisory work.

(c) “Skilled” work means work which involves skill or competence acquired
through experience on the job or through training as an apprentice or in a
technical or vocational institute and the performance of which calls for
initiative and judgment; and

(d) “Highly Skilled” work means work which calls for a high degree of
performance and full competence in the performance of certain tasks,
acquired through intensive technical or professional training or practices,
work experience for long years and also required for workers to assure full
responsibility for the judgment or decisions involved in the execution of these

7. An adult employee shall work for 08 (eight) hours per day excluding half an hour of rest.

Telangana Government Declares Election Poll Holiday On 7th December 2018

As per notification published by the Telangana Government dated 30th October 2018, the Telangana Government has observed that the General Elections to Telangana State Legislative Assembly,2018 will be held on 07.12.2018 (Friday) in one phase for 119 Assembly Constituencies of 31 districts of the Telangana State and in connection with the conduct of poll a large number of Public Buildings, including Educational Institutions and other buildings will be utilized for the purpose of setting up of the polling stations and distribution centers. 

Thus, the Telangana Government has directed that 7th December 2018 shall be declared holiday if there is no holiday under the T.S. Factories and Establishments Act, 1974 (Act No.32/1974) and T.S shops and Establishments Act, 1988