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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Madhya Pradesh Minimum wages 1st Apr 2018 to 30th Sept 2018

Madhya Pradesh Minimum wages from 1st Apr 2018 to 30th Sep-2018 the respective schedule of employment is as under 

Scheduled Employment
Blanket Manufacturing
Bone Mills
Brick Kilns
Cement pole or manufacture of Cement products.
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Constructions, and maintenance of Irrigation works
Cotton Ginning and Pressing
Engineering Industry
Food Products (including cakes, biscuits, confectionary, Ice-cream & Ice-candy, Beverages)
Forest and Forestry
Fuel Coke 
Handloom Industry
Katha Industry
Khandsari Industry
Kosa Industry
Lime Kiln
Local Authority
Murra Peha
Oil Mills
Plastic Industry
Potteries including manufacture of refractory goods, fire bricks, sanitary works, insulators tiles (excluding those made from cement) stone wire pipes, furnace lining bricks & other ceramic goods
Power Loom (including sizing and processing)
Printing Press
Public Motor Transport
Ramraj or Geru
Rice Mill, Floor Mill, or Dal Mill
Construction and maintenance of Roads and building operation 
Saw Mill
Shop,Commercial establishment, Residential Hotel and Theatre
Stone breaking or stone crushing
Tobacco (including beedi making Manufactory)
Tiles Manufactory (excluding Cement titles)
Any Establishment in which manufacturing activity as defined under section 2 (K) of the Factories Act is carried out and is not covered under any of the other scheduled employments

Tamil Nadu Minimum Wages 1st Apr 2018 31st Mar 2019

Tamil Nadu Minimum Wages 1st Apr 2018  31st Mar 2019  VDA has been increased 

VDA Circular  :- TN - DA Notification - 2018 -19

Shop & Establishment :- MW - Shops Estb - TN - 2018-19

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Online EPF Withdrawal & Transfer Claim Process

As per the decision taken in the meeting held on 17th January'2018 regarding PF online claim process to be followed by all the Employees Provident fund Body following are the basic requirement to be fulfilled by the Employer/Employee before applying for Online claim to make the whole process as paperless in this regards very basic details & precaution by the employer & employee  have to take care before executing the process 

1st Step:- Joining formalities

Once the Employee Join the organisation it is the duty of the Employer to fill in New Form No 11 Download 👉 New Form 11 to avail the basic details  & information of the Employee, also equally it is the duty of the Employee to declared his/her UAN  Number if any.


2nd Step :- UAN Activation Process 

Once the New UAN or Old UAN Link  on the Employer portal it is the duty of the employer to update the same in the payslip of the Employee. Once this is done it is duty of the employee to activate the same.A detail Process has been appended below


3rd Step:- Modify Basic details

Once the UAN is activated there might be possibilities in case of UAN linking or while generating UAN wrong date of birth/Gender or Name might mismatch ( This might happens in UAN Linking) in this regards Employee has to login to the Member Portal & Update the same a step by step process is appended below

Download 👉 Modify Basic Details  Once the employee makes the changes in the basic details has to be approve by the Employer in the respective Member Portal Member can also upload the KYC 

1. Aadhar Number ( Name as per Aadhar & UAN name should also be as per          Aadhar)

2. Pan Card

3. Bank Details along with IFSC Code.


4th Step:- Online Claim Submission & Transfer Process 

Please note the PF Schemes are Social Security Measures initiated by the Govt. of India with an objective of providing benefits to its member at the time of retirement, hence try to retain it till you attain your retirement age. Moreover, claiming it prematurely is not only violation of the PF Act, but will also attract penal action by the concern authorities

1.As indicated earlier, withdrawal of PF Claims can be done only by           those members who are not employed.

2.Please check your Bank A/c No and IFSC from your KYC menu,                update   correct Bank details and other KYCs (KYC Option under              Manage Menu) before initiating online withdrawal.

3.You will be receiving the OTPs to your registered mobile linked with your Aadhaar and PF. Hence, get your Aadhaar and PF updated with your current Mobile No.

4.In certain browsers, the claims form 19 & 10C will be indicated separately and combined in some browsers, you have to select based on the option available.

5.Portal or PAN/ Aadhaar servers may be down at the time of verification or during the claim process. Please keep trying it till your claim process is completed.

6.You can not claim the PF withdrawal on the portal through online, if you have not completed 60 days of waiting period from your last working day, as per the PF Norms.

7.If, PF Tenure less than 6 months, you can Claim only PF(Form 19), EPS( Form 10C) is not applicable.

8.If, PF Tenure is More than 9 years 6 months, you can Claim only PF(Form 19), for EPS(Form 10C) Member Should Obtain Scheme Certificate from RPFC

Download Full Process flow 👉 PF ONLINE WITHDRAWAL PROCESS-(19 & 10C) 

Transfer Process :- Online Transfer-process 

For any queries you can call me or email me on my team will certainly help you 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment

Dear all,

As we all are aware that EPFO has stop entering Enrollment ID for creating the New UAN Number  and it becomes very difficult to generate the same through Normal Aadhar Number while inserting in the Employer Portal.

EPFO has come out with a new link or we can say a reversal process of creating New UAN Number with Aadhar Number 

pls refer to the respective Link 

Pls click on  Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment 

The respective page will open pls insert the Aadhar Number ( Provided Mobile number should be registered with Aadhar Number )  

Once Aadhar Number is entered an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number the validity of the respective OTP will be for 30 minutes. All details as per aadhar will be appearing on the screen which are mandatory as per EPF Portal also 

Mandatory fields are to be fill in once all terms condition should be approved 

Once we click the button register  UAN Number will be generated 

once UAN is generated we need to insert in the  Employer Portal & employee has to activate the same 

Rest all procedure remains the same