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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

EPF Form No 5A /14b & 7Q

New Delhi: Taking another step towards going paperless, retirement fund body EPFO on Tuesday said it has launched facilities for employers to pay dues and update ownership details online.

Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has provided facility of online submission of Form 5A (Return of Ownership), it said in a statement.

EPFO added it has discontinued the physical submission of the form.

Earlier, the employers had to submit a physical copy of Form 5A to the concerned EPFO field office upon new registration of establishment and whenever there was any change in ownership details.

Now, employers can update Form 5A online and submit with e-signature. This will not only reduce the unnecessary paperwork but also avoid visits to EPFO field offices.

EPFO has also launched the facility for online payment of Section 14B and Section 7Q dues.

It said that for facilitating ease of doing business, it has launched the online functionality for calculation and payment of damages under Section 14B and interest under Section 7Q against belated remittances.

If an employer makes payment of dues after the due date, he/she is liable to pay damages (under Section 14B) and interest (under section 7Q).

So far, the EPFO used to send the notices to employers under Section 14B and Section 7Q against their belated payments.

Under the new functionality for belated payment, the employer can select the cases where he/she wants to make payment immediately.

The system will generate auto challan. The employer can know the 14B and 7Q dues immediately and make the payment accordingly, thereby avoiding the requirement of visits to EPFO field offices, it added.

circular-Form No 5A 👉 Form No 5A Online Submission

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Facility to link UAN with Aadhaar at EPFO eKYC portal

Respected Sir/ Madam,

It is informed that functionality to "LINK UAN WITH AADHAAR"  is provided in eKYC Portal available at web address :

1. For Members having Mobile Number linked with UAN:-

    The functionality for "LINK UAN WITH AADHAAR" provided to Members online has been enhanced by providing additional facility to verify Aadhaar using Biometric.

2. For Employer with login-id and password of unified portal:-

  The functionality  "LINK UAN WITH AADHAAR"   has been extended to the Employers for verification of Aadhaar  of their respective employees either using Mobile/Email based OTP or using Biometrics

Monday, January 08, 2018

Karnataka Minimum wages Hike Dec-2017-(30.12.2017)

The proposal of the Government of Karnataka to revise the Minimum Wages for 37 Scheduled Employments listed below was circulated vide KEA Circular No.70 of 2017 dated 24.5.2017.

Sl.No. Scheduled Industry
01 Areca Nut
02 Bakeries
03 Biscuit Industry
04 Brass Copper &Aluminium Industry
05 Bricks Industry
06 Cardamom Malais & Cardamom Gardens
07 Chemical Industry
08 Cinchona Rubber, Coffee, Tea or Coffee Plantations
09 Cinchona Rubber, Coffee, Tea or Coffee Plantations(Non Staff)
10 Cloth Dyeing & Printing
11 Confectionary Industry
12 Co-operative Societies
13 Cotton Ginning
14 Crystal Cutting
15 Employment not Covered in any of the Industries
16 Engineering Industry
17 Granite Stone & Marbles
18 Khandasari Sugar Factory
19 Mandakki Batti
20 Metal Rolling & Re-Rolling(Ferrous) Industry
21 Metal Rolling & Re-Rolling (Non – Ferrous) Industry
22 Mosaic Tiles, Flooring Tiles or Glazing tiles
23 Petrol & Diesel Oil Pump Industry
24 Plywood Industry
25 Pulp Paper, Card Board, Straw Board,Newsprint.
26 Rubber Products (Including Foam & Coir Rubberised Products)
27 Rice Flour Or Dhal Mills
28 Sericulture (1)
29 Sericulture (2)
30 Shops & Commercial Establishments
31 Spinning Mills Industry
32 Stone Breaking
33 Textile Silk Industry
34 Tiles Industry
35 Tobacco Processing
36 Toddy Tapping
37 Wood Work Including Carpentry & Saw Mill Industry

The Government of Karnataka has issued a Final Notification revising the Minimum Wages of 37 Scheduled Employments effective from 30.12.2017. The salient features of the Minimum Wages and other conditions pertaining to Unscheduled Employments is given below More or less, the same wage rates are applicable to other Scheduled Employments except Plantations, which is in the range of Rs.7930 to 8144 Per Month. However, all other conditions are uniform.

Highly Skilled : Basic Rs.15,423.40 + VDA
Skilled : Basic Rs.14,021.27 + VDA
Semi Skilled : Basic Rs.12,746.61 + VDA
Unskilled : Basic Rs.11,587.83 + VDA

VDA payable @ 4 paise per point increase over and above CPI 6537 effective from the date of the Notification i.e., 30.12.2017. VDA payable will be Rs.367.20, in addition to the above wages

Goa Factory License Fees Changes

As per notification published in the Goa Official Gazette dated 4th January 2018, the Government of Goa has changed the fees for license, renewal of license and has extended the period of license renewal from five years to ten years. In case of a factory coming within the scope of the Act, where the application for registration and grant of license is made after the commencement of the manufacturing process, the occupier and manager, from the date of commencement of the manufacturing process till the date of submission of application for registration and grant of license, shall be liable to pay additional fee at the rate of two hundred percent of the fees payable per year. In case of closure of factory, along with notice of closure information sent shall be accompanied by a treasury receipt or an invoice for book adjustment, as the case may be, for payment of the fees due to be paid, if any, till the date of closure and a declaration stating that there is no presence of hazardous chemicals in the premises of the closed factory or the said hazardous chemicals have been shifted/disposed off in accordance with the relevant rules in force