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Sunday, August 05, 2018

Maharashtra Minimum Wages 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2018

Maharashtra Minimum Wages 1st July 2018 to 31st  December 2018 has been published 

Marathi Version Notification:- Final D.A. 01.07.2018 to 31.12.18

English Version with Basic wages: - Minimum-Mumbai-English-01-07-2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

How to make changes to name and other details on PAN card online

Dear all,

As we all are aware that as EPF withdrawal is now online and in major cases Pan is not getting verified as Now NSDL has intiated a online process where in we can do the changes online 

Everyone has experienced a typo in their ID cards or other documents and most of us go ahead without ever getting it corrected.
Ever since the government made linking Aadhaar cards with PAN cards mandatory, people have been running about trying to get any mismatched information rectified. If the data on both cards do not match, it could lead to problems in the future. Changing details on a PAN card can now be done online as well. Here is how to go about it:
The first thing to do is visit the National Securities Depository Limited's (NSDL) website. Once here, click the drop-down menu under Application type and select Changes or correction in existing PAN data/Reprint of PAN card. Fill in all the correct details, enter the captcha code to prove you are human and then hit Submit.
Once the submission is over, the next step involves choosing how PAN documents should be submitted.  The e-KYC option needs an Aadhaar card, 
Important instructions for paperless PAN application through e-KYC / e-Sign 
1. To avail e-KYC / e-Sign Services, Aadhaar is mandatory and details given in Aadhaar should be exactly matched with applicant's Full name, Date of Birth and Gender as mentioned in this application form to authenticate Aadhaar. 
2. Once authentication of Aadhaar is successful then one-time password (OTP) would be sent on your mobile number/email ID linked with your Aadhaar to generate Aadhaar Based e-Sign. 
3. To check registered mobile number/email ID in Aadhaar, please visit at 
4. In e-Sign Service, an applicant needs to upload Photo, Sign and supporting document as per prescribed format 
5. In e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless), no need to upload Photo, Sign and supporting document. The photograph used in Aadhaar card would be printed in PAN card. 
6.e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless) and e-Sign facility are not available for Minor applicants and other categories of applicants as provided u/s 160 of Income-tax Act, 1961 where Representative Assessee is appointed by the applicant. 
the e-Sign option needs scanned images of the documents submitted or the documents can be physically sent to the nearest NSDL collection center. Choose the most suitable option and hit Next.
Fill out the details on the next page carefully, especially ones marked with a red asterisk. All details should exactly match the ones on the Aadhaar card and select which field requires the appropriate correction.
The next step is filling in address details followed by uploading and submitting accepted proof of identity, age, and address.
If the proof submitted is an Aadhaar card, then the Aadhaar number will have to be entered in order to proceed.
After hitting Submit, a preview of the application form will pop up. Verify all details, make any necessary changes and then proceed towards payment.
The processing fee is different for addresses within and outside India: Rs 110 from domestic addresses and Rs 1,020 for addresses outside the country.
Payment can be made through a demand draft, debit or credit cards or net banking.
A demand draft (if used) should be in favor of NSDL - PAN and payable at Mumbai.
After clicking Pay confirm, a page will appear indicating whether the transaction was successful or not. If yes, a transaction number and a bank reference number will be shown. Both should be saved and then choose Continue.
The next step will be authenticating via Aadhaar. Tick the box and then Authenticate.
If the personal details match those in the Aadhaar card, click Continue with e-Sign/e-KYC.
Generate OTP, enter it and then hit Submit.
The next page will feature the application as it was submitted. This can either be downloaded directly from the page or from the acknowledgment email.
The new PAN card will be printed and sent to the address provided.
This is the entire process on how to make changes to a PAN card to match it with the Aadhaar.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pan India Profession Tax slab Updated 2018

As there have been many states amendment in the profession tax slab &  we had already uploaded the respective notification time to time in our blogs & in order to have a consolidated all states  ( Pan India) slab has been prepared for ready reference 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Chennai New Profession tax slab 2018

The Profession Tax assessment and collection is coming under the provision of tax on professions, trades, calling & employments, under the Tamilnadu Municipal Laws (Second Amendment) Act 1998 Profession Tax is higher source of income next to Property Tax. The Profession Tax assessment is calculated based of the Half Yearly gross income for the following categories.
  • Individuals
  • Private Establishment
  • Salaried People (Central and State Govt.)
  • Company
Every Company transacts business and every person who is engaged actively or otherwise in any Profession, Trade, Calling and Employment with the Greater Chennai Corporation city limits has to pay half-yearly Profession Tax, as per section 138 C of Tamilnadu Municipal Laws Second Amendment Act 59 of 1998. The tax rates are given below in the table in Form-2. for assessment of Profession Tax has to make an application for registration.

Based on the gross income declared by the Half Yearly Profession Tax will be calculated as per the Table given below:

After 10 Years the respective act has been amended he new slab is given below
Average Half-Yearly Income
Half Yearly Profession tax Old Slab  
Half yearly Profession Tax w.e.f. 01.04.2018
Up to 21,000
75,001 and above


Notification πŸ‘‰CHENNAI PT SLAB NEW 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Reduction of PF Admin Charges from 0.65 % to 0.50%

Dear Employer 

Good News Reduction of PF Admin Charges from 0.65 % to 0.50%  the said reduction is effective from 1st June 2018 subject to a minimum sum of seventy-five rupees per month for every non-functional establishment having no contributory member and five hundred rupees per month per establishment for other establishments.

Notification πŸ‘‡

Download:- Reduction of PF Admin Charges

Now the total challan amount  will be 

Ac No. 1  :-    12+3.67%
Ac No   10 :-  8.33%
Ac No 2 :-       0.5%
Ac No 21:-     0.5%

Ac No 22:-     Nil........

Total contribution will be 25 %  

For your Knowledge purpose & record purpose appended below is the road map      of EPF ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGES PAYABLE BY THE EMPLOYERS OF UN-EXEMPTED ESTABLISHMENTS 

Reckoned on
01.11.1952 to 31.12.1962
Total employers’ and employees’ contributions.
01.01.1963 to 30.09.1964
Total employer’s and employees’ contributions payable @ 6.25%.
Total employer’s and employees’ contributions payable @ 8%.
01.10.1964 to 30.11.1978
On total pay on which contributions are payable.
01.12.1978 to 30.09.1986
On total pay on which contributions are payable. Minimum
Administrative charges payable per month per establishment was
Rs. 5/-.
01.10.1986 to 31.07.1998
On total pay on which contributions are payable. Minimum
Administrative charges payable per month per establishment was
Rs. 5/-.
01.08.1998 to 31-12-2014
On total pay on which contributions are payable. Minimum
Administrative charges payable per month per establishment is Rs.
01.01.2015 to 31.03.2017
On total pay on which contributions are payable. Minimum
Administrative charges payable per month per establishment is Rs.
01.04.2017 onwards
On total pay on which contributions are payable. Minimum
Administrative charges payable per month per establishment is Rs.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Exemption from payment of late fee U/s 6(3)- of the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1975

Dear employers

As per  section  6(1)  of   the  Maharashtra   State   Tax  on  Professions,  Trades,  Callings and  Employments  Act,  1975  (the  Profession Tax  Act  1975), every  employer who  has obtained Profession Tax Registration Certificate (PTRC)under  the  Profession Tax Act, 1975  has  to furnish  return  in the  prescribed  format showing the  salaries  and  wages paid  by him  and  the  amount  of tax  deducted  by him  in  respect  thereof. As per  Rule 11(2A) of the   Profession Tax  Rules,  1975,   such   return  shall   be  in  electronic  Form IIIB  and   payment   shall   be  made   before uploading  the   said   return   on  the   official website of   the  department).    Section 6(2) of the  Profession Tax  Act,   1975  provides that   a return  without  such   proof  of payment  shall  not  be deemed  to have  been  duly flied.

From    01/04/2018,      the    PTRC returns    are    being    filed   on   the    new   web   site  due to  technical difficulties, many    employers have    not  been   able  to upload    returns. Further it is  represented     that    they    are   facing   technical    difficulties   in   creating    profile  for accessing e-services on

The issue has  been  examined and  it is found  that  because  otechnical difficulties  some of the 'employers  could not file the returns as framed under the act, Hence as per the  rules/Powers framed under the act by  various ammedment & circulars issued by the state government under the Provision of Section 6(3) Maharashtra   State  Tax  on  Professions,  Trades, Callings and  Employments  Act,  1975 the whole late fee payable by the registered employers in respect of the monthly or annual returns pertaining to the period Apr-2016 to June -2018 is being exempted subject to fulfillment eligibility conditions  .mentioned  below-

Eligibility Conditions:

  1. Any amount   payable  as per return   -should have  been/ shall  be paid  on or before the due  date.
  2. The  aforesaid employers should  submit  the. monthly   or,  as the -case may be; annual  returns pertaining to the periods    April 2016 to June   2018  on or before  31st  July 2018
  3. Needless to mention  that  no refund  or adjustment against .any tax liability shall be allowed -where late fee has  already.peen paid
Necessary Circular & FAQ( New Profession tax Website ) is appended below

πŸ‘‰Late Fee Exemption Circular :- Exemption for late fee