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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This Scheme may be called the Employees’ Provident Funds (Sixth Amendment) Scheme, 2016 changes in para 72

Dear all,

 Amendment in the respective  Employees’ Provident Funds (Sixth Amendment) Scheme, 2016 i.e in para 72 

In the Employees’ Provident Funds Scheme, 1952, in paragraph 72, in sub-paragraph (6),-

(a) for the words “ceased to be employed”, the words “retired from service after attaining age of fifty-five years or migrated abroad permanently” shall be substituted; 
(b) the words “or transfer, as the case may be” shall be omitted; 
 (c) after the proviso, the following new proviso shall be inserted, namely:-

Further a good Move by the labour Ministry where in one more provision has been inserted 

Provided further that if any amount becoming due to a member, as a result of supplementary contributions on account of litigation or default by the establishment or a claim which has been settled but is received back undelivered not attributable to the member, shall not be transferred to the inoperative account.”.

Gazette Notification :- Employees’ Provident Funds (Sixth Amendment) Scheme, 2016 para 72 changes

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