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Monday, April 04, 2016

Madhya Pradesh Minimum wages from 1st Apr 2016 to 30th Sep-2016

Madhya Pradesh Minimum wages from 1st Apr 2016 to 30th Sep-2016 the respective schedule of employment is as under 

Scheduled Employment
Blanket Manufacturing
Bone Mills
Brick Kilns
Cement pole or manufacture of Cement products.
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Constructions, and maintenance of Irrigation works
Cotton Ginning and Pressing
Engineering Industry
Food Products (including cakes, biscuits, confectionary, Ice-cream & Ice-candy, Beverages)
Forest and Forestry
Fuel Coke 
Handloom Industry
Katha Industry
Khandsari Industry
Kosa Industry
Lime Kiln
Local Authority
Murra Peha
Oil Mills
Plastic Industry
Potteries including manufacture of refractory goods, fire bricks, sanitary works, insulators tiles (excluding those made from cement) stone wire pipes, furnace lining bricks & other ceramic goods
Power Loom (including sizing and processing)
Printing Press
Public Motor Transport
Ramraj or Geru
Rice Mill, Floor Mill, or Dal Mill
Construction and maintenance of Roads and building operation 
Saw Mill
Shop,Commercial establishment, Residential Hotel and Theatre
Stone breaking or stone crushing
Tobacco (including beedi making Manufactory)
Tiles Manufactory (excluding Cement titles)
Any Establishment in which manufacturing activity as defined under section 2 (K) of the Factories Act is carried out and is not covered under any of the other scheduled employments

Necessary Notification is enclsoed for your kind perusal  

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