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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Provident Fund Interest for F.Y 2014-2015 @ 8.75%

Dear All,

The CBT had decided the interest rate in the meeting held on 26th August but the procedure of the implementation of the interest rate of provident fund requires approval for the same by the Finance Ministry. The decision would now be notified by the Labour Ministry and Income Tax Department.
The interest rate was increased by .25% in 2013-14 (8.75%) from the year 2012-13 (8.50%). But this year the interest rate remains same as previous year.

Historical Provident Fund Interest Rate since 1952

Historical Provident Fund Interest Rate


  • For Fiscal Year 1978-79 bonus of 0.5% was applicable to the members who did not withdraw any amount from their Provident Fund account during 1976-77 and 1977-78.
  • For Fiscal Year 2000-01, interest rate was 12% for the quarter starting from April to June, thereafter 11% from July onward on monthly running balance.
  • For Fiscal Year 2004-05, bonus of 0.50% was Golden Jubilee Interest Rate bonus


Monday, December 01, 2014

Pan India Holiday List 2015

Dear all,

Appended below is the Holiday List 2015 of various states 

Maharashtra :- Holiday list in Maharashtra in 2015

Tamil Nadu:- Tamilnadu holiday 2015

Kerala :- Kerala Holiday List 2015

West Bengal :- West Bengal Holidays 2015

Gujarat :- Gujarat public-holiday-2015

Himachal Pradesh:- Himachal Pradesh Holidays_for_the_Year_2015

Karnataka:- Karnataka List of Holidays 2015

Telangana :- TELANGANA-Holiday List 2015

Delhi:- Delhi holiday_list2015