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Friday, March 21, 2014

Gujarat New Minimum wages effective from 25th Feb 2014

Dear All,

Pls refer to the draft Notification in regards to the New Minimum  wages effective from 25th Feb-2014 . Earlier the Minimum wages were revised on 11th Feb 2009 

In the present Notification the Rate of Wages is Fixed in three categories 

Sr No
Classes of Employees.
Rates     Payable per day(Rs.).
Rates     Payable per day(Rs.).

Zone( 1)
Semi Skilled

Note:Please refer Annexure annexed herewith for details of employees belongs to particular class (i.e.Skilled, Semi-skilled and Un-skilled) of particular Schedule employment.)

(a) The basic rates of wages as set out in column 3 of the Schedule appended here to in
respect of zones specified in the said column for the employees employed in the said
scheduled employments in the State of Gujarat as the basic rates payable by the day
respectively in suchzones to the classes of the employees mentioned against them in
column2 thereof ;and

(b) a special allowance, and directs that so long as this notification is in force, the rates of
such special allowance shall be adjusted by the competent authority, at the interval of every six months commencing from the 1st October and the 1st April on the basis of the
averagecost of Living Index Number for the preceding period for six months ending on the
30th June and 31st December, respectively in such manner that:-

Explanation for the purpose of this notification :

(1) (a)Zone-I shall comprise the area in the State of Gujarat within the limits of the Municipal Corporation as constituted under the Gujarat Provincial Municipal Corporation Act, 1949 and the areas within the limits of the Municipality as constituted under the Gujarat Municipalities Act,1963
and the areas falling within the jurisdiction of concerned Urban Development Authority.

(b) Zone-II shall comprise all the areas in the State of Gujarat other than those included in Zone-I.

(2) In case of an employee employed on piecerate basis, the minimum rate of wages shall be so fixed that the minimum rates of wages plus special allowance payable to him, for the number of hours of work which constituted normal working day, shall not be less than the daily wages fixed for the class of employees to which he belongs.

(3) The UniversityCampus, the Agricultural University Campus and the CantonmentArea shall pay the minimum rates of wages of the scheduled employment of the nearest Zone.

(4) An employee employed on part-time basis shall be paid 50% of the minimum rates of wages and special allowance, if the works up to four hours and if he works more than four hours, he shall be paid full minimum rates of wages plus special allowance.

(5) An employee employed by contractor or other agencies shall not be paid less than the wages plus special allowance payable to the category of the employees to which they belong.

(6) The perquisites or facilities given to an employee shall not be withdrawn and no deduction shall be made in respect of such perquisites or facilities given to an employee after fixation of minimum rates of wages plus special allowance.

(7) Male and female employees should be given equal wages for equal work.

(8) The minimum rates of wages payable to an apprentice employed on skilled or semiskilled work shall be 75 per cent. of the minimum rates of wages and special allowance fixed for the class of employees to which he belongs for the first three months. After three months he shall be paid in full.

(9) The amendment made for computation of cash value vide Government Notification ,Labour and Employment Department,No.KHR/217/2001/MWA/1097-833-M(2) dated 15th December,
2001 is applicable to employment in any residential hotel, restaurant or eating house as defined in the Gujarat Shops and Establishments Act, 1948.

Draft Notification Enclosed 

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